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You've found the icon and graphics journal for m_h! If you want to know how I made any of the icons feel free to ask and I'll happily attempt to explain what I did, or point you in the direction of the relevant tutorial. I always like to read people's comments and crediting is a must. If you want to use my icons on a forum then please upload to your own image host.

Formula One. Fernando Alonso. Leigh Bromby. Sheffield United. Cesc Fabregas. The OC. Ryan/Taylor. Autumn Reeser. Veronica Mars. Lost. Ready Steady Cook. Dream Team. Veronica/Logan. Mika Hakkinen. Ben McKenzie. Jason Behr. Roswell

~ The icon table is here in my personal LJ ~

~ The 10 icons can be found here ~

~ The 100 icons can be found here ~

~ See the selected icon here ~

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The layout is a customised version of the flexible squares stylesheet; it was made by me and can be found here. The banner was made in PS CS using an image of Fernando Alonso taken at the 2006 Bahrain GP (March 06) and brushes by The Magic Box. The icons are made by me and FamFamFam.

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